Secretary of the Party Committee

Secretary of the Party Committee’s Address

For a long time, under the powerful guidance of the Party’s line, guidelines and policies, W.E, as one of the state-owned enterprises, has stuck to the Party’s leadership and strengthened the Party building and it, correctly assessing the situation, has taken great pains to transform the economic development mode, tried to adjust the business structure and devoted itself to enhancing the transnational operating capabilities.

In the market economy tide and global competition, it, adhering to the correct direction, gives birth to an enterprise culture of hardworking, fighting and dedication, and based on this, it constantly improves the enterprise’s quality and efficiency, confirms the confidence and determination to develop the state-owned economy, gives full play to the guiding and leading role as an important state-owned backbone enterprise and makes positive contributions to building and improving the national image.

In the future development, W.E will continue to take on heavy responsibilities and advance bravely, organically integrate the enterprise development and the realization of “China Dream”, throw itself into the great cause to rejuvenate the Chinese nation with a high sense of responsibility and mission and make substantial contributions to the national prosperity and people’s happiness.